TIA Portal License SIM-EKB 2018

Modern automation and drive systems must overcome a number of problems. This necessitates the use of sophisticated software that is as efficient, adaptable, and safe as possible – both now and in the future. You may keep your software up to date at a low cost by selecting the best TIA Portal License SIM-EKB 2018 for your specific application. Visit Technical Files website to download any software.

The best solution for each use

Up-to-date industrial software is required if you want to work swiftly and reliably. Even in the case of software, charges must be visible and explainable. As a result, SIMATIC, SINAMICS, and SIMOTION software not only provides a range of license options, but also valuable features to assist you manage your licenses and keep your software up to date.

Always use the proper license.

Whether you require a license for a single workspace, a small team, or an international organization, Siemens has the correct license for your application, allowing you to utilize your software in the most cost-effective way possible.

Trial license

You can install the related software application on one computer with a Trial license. After the first launch, you can use the application without restrictions for a limited time (e.g. 21 days) for testing and evaluation purposes – it is not intended for production. We are not held liable in any way for this type of license. The software cannot be relaunched after the Trial license expires unless you download and apply a comparable Floating or Single License key for the same version. It is not necessary to reinstall the software.  It goes without saying that trial software is subject to export rules in the same manner that regular software is.

Rental license

The Rental license permits the installation of software items on a single computer and is fully valid for a set length of time, such as 90 or 365 days after the software is initially launched. When the Rental license expires, the purchase of a full license allows you to continue using the software.

The Rental license is frequently included in Starter Kit bundles and cannot be purchased separately.

Rental Licenses may be the best option for a lengthy trial and evaluation period with no constraints on functionality or performance, particularly when the interaction with hardware components is investigated.

Single License

A single license allows you to install and use software applications on a single machine without restrictions. The license and program are both stored locally on the computer and cannot be transferred to other computers.

Single licenses are the most common type of licensing for Runtime Software such as WinCC Runtime Advanced.

Typically, a single computer is part of a set configuration that fulfills a task by permanently executing a specific licensed software module.

Floating license

The typical license type for Engineering Software is the Floating license, which allows you to install the software on as many computers as you choose. Each license allows one user to use the software regardless of the computer or location they are working on.

The number of licenses defines how many computers the software can be installed on at the same time. A Floating license has an indefinite run period and, when combined with a valid licensing key, allows you to utilize older versions of the same software family, STEP 7 / WinCC in the TIA Portal.

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