DIALux is a well-known software application used for lighting design and calculation. The latest version available was Download DIALux 4.13 Software. Visit Teachnical Files to download any software.

Here’s some general information about DIALux:

  1. Purpose: DIALux is primarily used for designing, planning, and simulating lighting installations in indoor and outdoor spaces. It helps architects, lighting designers, and engineers analyze and optimize lighting solutions for various applications, including residential, commercial, industrial, and outdoor environments.

  2. Features:

    • 3D Visualization: DIALux allows you to create 3D models of your lighting designs to visualize how the lighting will appear in real-world scenarios.
    • Calculation: The software provides lighting calculations to ensure that the desired illumination levels and uniformity are achieved.
    • Fixture Libraries: It includes an extensive library of light fixtures from various manufacturers.
    • Daylight Simulation: You can simulate natural daylight conditions and integrate daylighting strategies into your designs.
    • Energy Efficiency: DIALux can help you calculate energy consumption and assess the energy efficiency of your lighting design.
  3. Usage: It is widely used in the architecture, engineering, and lighting design industries. It’s employed by professionals to create lighting plans for projects of varying scales and complexity.

  4. Support: DIALux provides user manuals, tutorials, and a community forum to help users learn how to use the software effectively and troubleshoot any issues they encounter.

To get the latest version of DIALux or to find more detailed information about its features and capabilities, please visit the Technical Files website.

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