AutoCAD 2014

AutoCAD Software is a computer-aided design (CAD) software application developed by Autodesk. It is used by architects, engineers, drafters, and other professionals in various industries for creating 2D and 3D drawings and models. AutoCAD 2014 was released as part of the AutoCAD software series, and it introduced several new features and improvements over its predecessors. Visit Technical Files to download any software.

Some of the key features and enhancements in AutoCAD 2014 included:

  1. Design Feed: This feature allowed users to communicate and collaborate on their designs by attaching notes, images, and comments to specific elements in their drawings. It facilitated better communication among team members working on a project.

  2. File Tabs: AutoCAD 2014 introduced a tabbed document interface, making it easier to work with multiple drawings and switch between them quickly.

  3. Command Line Enhancements: The command line received improvements, including auto-complete functionality that made it easier to find and use commands.

  4. Online Maps: Users could access online maps and geographic location data directly within AutoCAD to enhance their design context.

  5. AutoCAD 360 Integration: AutoCAD 360, a cloud-based mobile and web app, was integrated more closely with AutoCAD 2014, allowing users to view and edit drawings on the go and sync their work with the desktop version.

  6. Autodesk Exchange Apps: Users could access a marketplace of AutoCAD add-ons and extensions to enhance the functionality of the software.

  7. Enhanced User Interface: AutoCAD 2014 featured an updated and more modern user interface, with improved visual elements and easier access to tools and commands.

If you are using AutoCAD for a specific purpose or project, it’s advisable to check for the latest version available, as it may offer additional features and compatibility with newer hardware and operating systems. Contact us to Download any Software.

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